Welcome to Marquis Chinese Cresteds. Available - Puppies and adults, powder puff and hairless from AKC Champion dogs who have been fully health tested for genetic disease and certified normal/clear.

"Breeding Quality, not Quantity"

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Cruzer - Puff Male


NOTICE: New USDA/APHIS regulations do NOT allow animals sold as PETS to be shipped sight-unseen to potential new owners. Therefore, to obtain a pet dog/pup from me, you must be committed to come here to Texas to meet your new four-legged family member in person, prior to purchase. The cost of a plane ticket is usually not any more expensive than having your new four-legged family member shipped.

NOTICE: Dogs/pups sold for "Show/Performance/Breeding" purposes can still be shipped without buyer seeing it face-to-face prior to purchase. These dogs/pups are sold under contract only.

~~~We BAER, CERF, OPTIGEN, OFA health testing ~~~