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Welcome to my world of dogs!

I've been an animal lover all my life. I've had all sorts of animals for pets but my favorite has always been dogs. I got the first dog that I could call my own when I was around 11 yrs old. She was a border collie mix breed. Around the same time my father took me to see my very first dog show. I fell in love with the sport the minute I saw it and vowed that I would show dogs someday.

Well, 10 yrs later I got my first purebred dog which was a Brittany. A friend who showed her Brittanys encouraged me to enter a show with my dog. So I did. I was immediately hooked on the sport and began learning all I could about dog shows & the Brittanys as a breed.

I was very successful in breeding and showing my Brittanys. So I decided to try some other performance activities such as obedience, field trails and hunting tests. And during the 25 yrs that I owned Brittanys I had many dogs with multiple performance and conformation titles including Dual Champions.

Around 1990 I was at a dog show and saw all these unual little dogs. I was fascinated by them. Come to find out they were Chinese Cresteds! I was instantly in love with the breed. The more I found out about the cresteds the more I had to have one. It took me 7 years to find the "right" crested I wanted with good conformation, attitude, and most of all GOOD HEALTH!

My very first crested was a powder puff male named Intl/Am. CH. Carron's Easy On The Eyes, CGC, better known as "Cruzer". I bought him at 9 wks old and he has been my "heart & soul" every since. Cruzer finished his championship at the age of 7 months old and stayed ranked in the Top 10 of the breed for 5 continuous years. He has accomplished many wins in the show ring including first Award of Merit at Westminster at the age of 5 yrs old. He has also produced beautiful puppies over the years. Cruzer has been a wonderful ambassador for his breed.

I have worked very hard to obtain very healthy, sound cresteds with excellent breed type & conformation as the basis of my foundation breeding stock. You will see on my Health Info page the testing that each of my dogs has undergone.

My goal is to breed the best quality cresteds possibly. I do NOT breed for money but to improve the breed and produce nice dogs that I can show. I want to provide others with cresteds that are guaranteed free of known genetic health issues to be their loving companions or foundation stock. I know that I'm working in the right direction when I have strangers come up to me at the shows stating "You ALWAYS have the most beautiful crestecds". Or someone out and about asks what kind of dog it is and I tell them. The reward is to hear them say "But cresteds are ugly and yours aren't!!! They are beautiful!!"

All of my dogs are my "kids" that live in the house with me and are spoiled rotten!! I bought a motor home just so I could take all my dogs with me when I travel.

My name is Pam Hulsey and I live in the country near the small town called Tomball which is on the northwest side of Houston, TX. I moved my family here over 20 yrs ago and have been here every since. The family has grown up and left the nest. It is just my cresteds and me now...traveling and having fun!

I can be reached by email or phone: 281-734-1930...ccdogs@ccresteds.com. Thanks for stopping by to take a peak at my dogs!!!



~~~We BAER, CERF, OPTIGEN, OFA health testing ~~~